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What it takes to be KING of the Hammers...

The Ford Bronco is a fully capable vehicle that HAS BEEN WINNING King of the Hammers.  It is one of the best choices for a very capable off-road vehicle.  Let BAJA FORGED customize yours today!
Shown in Hammertown for race day line up! The Ford Bronco, proximately displayed, is a fully capable vehicle that HAS BEEN WINNING King of the Hammers. It is one of the best choices for a very capable off-road vehicle. Let BAJA FORGED customize yours today!

With just TWO WEEKS remaining until the “the toughest week of one-day, off-road races in the world, King of The Hammers,” we thought we’d take a look at what it takes to walk away a King… or Queen!

While each year's race can be unpredictable, there are common factors that winners of the King of the Hammers tend to have in common:

  1. Off-Road Experience: Winners of KOH typically have extensive experience in off-road racing, including rock crawling and desert racing. They understand the nuances of tackling challenging rock obstacles while maintaining speed in the open desert sections.

  2. Vehicle Preparation: The winning team invests significant time and effort in preparing their vehicle. This includes choosing or building a highly capable Ultra4 vehicle, reinforcing the chassis, installing heavy-duty suspension components, and fine-tuning the engine for optimal power and torque.

  3. Navigational Skill: KOH features a mix of rock crawling and high-speed desert racing, often requiring precise navigation. Winners typically have skilled navigators who can read maps, GPS coordinates, and course notes accurately.

  4. Technical Driving Skills: Rock crawling sections in KOH are highly technical and require exceptional driving skills. Winners know how to pick the right line, use vehicle features like front and rear lockers, and maneuver through challenging terrain.

  5. Adaptability: The KOH course can change rapidly due to weather conditions or traffic congestion. Winners are adaptable and can adjust their race strategy on the fly, making quick decisions to overcome obstacles or detours.

  6. Vehicle Reliability: Vehicle reliability is crucial in KOH. Winners ensure their vehicles are built to withstand the grueling conditions, undergo thorough pre-race inspections, and have a well-equipped pit crew for on-the-fly repairs.

  7. Race Strategy: Strategy plays a significant role in KOH. Winners often have a well-thought-out race plan, including when to push hard, when to conserve energy, and when to make calculated risks.

  8. Pit Crew and Support: KOH is not just about the drivers; it's a team effort. Winners rely on skilled pit crews and support personnel who can quickly refuel, change tires, perform maintenance, and make repairs during the race.

  9. Mental Toughness: KOH is physically and mentally demanding. Winners possess mental resilience, staying focused and making sound decisions even under extreme fatigue and stress.

  10. Familiarity with the Course: Familiarity with the KOH course, including the locations of challenging rock trails and high-speed desert sections, can be a significant advantage. Some racers have raced multiple times and know the terrain well.

  11. Sponsorships and Resources: Access to sponsorships, financial support, and partnerships can provide winners with the resources needed to invest in the best equipment, technology, and support for their race efforts.

  12. A Bit of Luck: As with any motorsport, a bit of luck can sometimes make the difference between victory and defeat. Avoiding major mechanical failures, flat tires, or getting stuck in a particularly challenging obstacle can play a role in the outcome.

Winning the King of the Hammers is an impressive achievement that requires a combination of experience, skill, preparation, teamwork, and adaptability. The race's unique combination of rock crawling and desert racing challenges demands a well-rounded approach from the winning team.

Think you’ve got what it takes? Or does your vehicle need some serious off-road upgrades?

Either way, BAJA FORGED can help prepare you for the toughest terrain and keep you looking good ON and OFF- ROAD!  Check out our Crawler front bumper and rear bumper to match.  We also do full custom builds to build your dream rig, to take you anywhere you want to go… maybe even KOH if you’re up for it! 

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