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Best SEMA Show yet?

SEMA is something we live, eat, and breathe. I have been building vehicles for the show for over 20 years now. One of the reasons we started BAJA FORGED was from all the award-winningvehicles we would display at the show. SEMA inspires me. Its a place I feel at home. It's a place where like minded people push each other to reach new limits, to expand our industry, to evolve the automotive and motorsports space. I want to help do whatever I can to preserve this, to grow it, to infuse it with the constant passion we're all united with.

I attended my first SEMA show at 16 years old... which was quite a few years ago, lol. And for me, its always evolving how I show up to the show. Every year we have huge brand partners we are fortunate enough to work with. That believe in us, and us in them. One of those partners is ICON Vehicle Dynamics.

Every year ICON, has supported us in huge ways by showcasing their fully capable suspension systems on our builds. This year we got to showcase our work on their build! With the all new redesigned 2024 Ford Super Duty coming out, ICON wanted to get back to their roots in showcasing a clean, super impressive, badass build pushing the limits of their products. So hey, they wanted to place 42" tires... YES I said 42" tires on their Super Duty, but NOT have it a mile in the air. (did you realize those were 42" tires??!!)

At BAJA FORGED, we love doing a style that looks almost like it was a concept vehicle the manufacturer made, and that's the way this Ford Super Duty from ICON Vehicle Dynamics turned out! I spent weeks using our 2018-2023 BAJA FORGED fenders and fit them to the existing vehicle. WOW, what a lot of work and exactly what I was expecting, because I love a good challenge! SEMA is always that, but 42" tires, lol! These NITTO Recon Grapplers look amazing on it, and

STILL EDITING, so come back to read more if you're seeing this! Working on some projects in the shop to finish up too! - T


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